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Best Toddler BackpacksBest Toddler Backpacks for Preschool From Tots To Teens

Best Toddler Backpacks

Best Toddler BackpacksBest Toddler Backpacks for Preschool From Tots To Teens

Why choose our schoolbag

In about a month’s time, Big C be embarking on his Primary One journey. One of the main changes in Primary one would be that he would need a Best Toddler Backpack to carry his school books. Compared to Kindergarten where he does not bring bag to school, this will be major change in his way of life.
From zero to a packed bag that probably weighs 3-5 kg, the possibility of Big C hurting his young spine is real. Given that this would be a daily routine in his primary school days, we are determine that he gets a Best Toddler Backpack that is suitable for his age.

Best Toddler Backpacks Description

Not all Best Toddler Backpack are built equal. Base on our research , we should look for ergonomic bags that is purposely build to suit the size of young kids. An ergonomic bags also comes with a higher price tag. Some Best Toddler Backpack are price upwards. We wanted a good bag, but we do have a budget in mind.
The NOHOO brand is the only ergonomic brand medically endorsed by The Chiropractic Association & Singapore Physiotherapy Association. This gives parents like us a peace of mind on the quality of the bags produced.

Big C was quite excited by what he saw, as a result he literally got attached to it.
There is a wide selection of bag with different designs and functions for different age groups at the store. We picked three designs that are best suited for his height . Naturally these bags are smaller in size than the standard bags. As Big C prefers his bag to be blue, we took the blue options for the different bags we short listed.

Why choose us?

  1. We could supply the samples for you.
  2. Over 100 skilled workers that all have more than 5-8 years bag experience.
  3. We can offer the fabric and printed pattern for you reference before your sample production.