NOHOO funny kids backpack for free of personalized design, you want it ?

This activity is organized by NOHOO bags creative platform (a platform to help children achieve their creative dreams).
Children's imagination is always encouraging us, and sometimes may bring shock to adults when they express their thoughts and ideas, everything for them is full of freshness, and they often express this feeling through painting, it is a source of endless creativity.

Platform introduction:

NOHOO little designer creative platform is designed for children, here is a stage which can help children to develop their ideas and creativity, our mission is to select the outstanding works and achieve it, and will be published the award information in NOHOO official website, Facebook, tumblr and other platforms, to let more people share the joy with us ! We hope that could help more children to realize their creative dream and develop their hands-on creative ability and thinking through this platform.

Company introduction:

Guangzhou NOHOO Bags Co.,Ltd is a top-level design and professional production innovative company. We focus on innovative research and development, to provide the creative products for 1.5 -12-years old children. Our fashion, trend and interesting design attracted many agents and distributors all over the world, some excellent designers from South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and other countries have joined our design team. Therefore, NOHOO proposed “global design, the world sharing” business philosophy, hoping to provide more excellent products for every child. In order to promote this concept, our company will organize a year four terms fun design creativity competition since 2017.

Qualifications :

  1. The first design submission time in 2017: Deadline :1st,Jan,2017 to 31st,Mar,2017. Result published time: 15th,Apr,2017.
  2. Participating object:More than 3 years old kids.
    We also welcome the excellent adult designer to join us.
  3. Qualifications: Participants can hand-drawing the interesting backpack or messenger bags draft and painted colors, please remark if there any function design, and send the pictures to our specified email address.
  4. The entries shall not contain any infringementof text, trademarksand graphics etc, once found, shall be disqualified, and the organizer has the right to pursue their legal responsibility.
  5. The participant agrees that the organizer canuse the entryto conduct the selection, modification and production that may be caused after the design fee paid.

Reward rules:

  1. The winners can obtain their own design and signed bag for free.
  2. The awarded entry which can be put into production through professional assessment, the designer can get extra 100-300USD /design awards.
  3. The excellent winner can apply for NOHOO global contract designer.
  4. The winner may obtain the quota of special guestto participate in NOHOO anniversary.