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customer’s initiative evaluation after purchasing

customer’s initiative evaluation, purchasing

customer’s initiative evaluation, purchasing.

today I wanna share you guys that. One of our amazon customer’s initiative evaluation for our product.

therefore, we are very happy to know that you like our product. next time we will come with more interesting product. Meanwhile, I wanna present you the evaluation in the below. And click here to see the main page

customer’s initiative evaluation, purchasing

customer's initiative evaluation, purchasing

This is a fantastic little backpack and I am very happy with it. The colors are bright and vibrant and match the pictures on Amazon very well. The size is perfect for my 2-year-old son. As I didn’t want something too large or heavy as he is still young.

The overall size is very close to the size of a standard 8”x11” sheet of paper. And about 8” inches high when laid on the floor fully stuffed.

The waterproof neoprene material is comparable in thickness. And texture to the most laptop, tablet, camera pouches if you are familiar with them.

There is a single pocket/divider inside to separate your contents. And has an outline print of other animals on it.

The stitching is surprisingly very well done. I expected to see a few lose strands that I would have to tie or cut off, but there were none.

The bag also came with a bonus bracelet (see attached photos). If you remember in the ‘90s the metal bands you use to slap on your wrist. And they would curl around, one of those.

It appears to be made of felt. Not sure if the characters are random or all the same.

My only complaint about purchasing is the shipping. It shipped very fast from the seller’s facility. But it comes directly from mainland China via China Post EMS. Which I assume is by cargo ship. As it took 4 weeks and 3 days to make it to my door. Hopefully, Amazon will stock these in the future. So they can be delivered in a few days. As I like some of the other styles as well.

– Well made
– Bright and vibrant colours
– Very light
– Huge assortment to choose from

final wishes for the readers.

lastly, i wish all of my readers to have a very happy day. Because of your support, i can write a pace every day. thanking you! finally good luck to all.