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Fancy School Bag Manufacturer

fancy school bag manufacturer

As many people know that our company is a giant fancy school bag manufacturer. We are very lucky to be a celebrity in the world of childhood around the planet. Also, we are very hard working to create more beautiful things, delivering our love toward each and every child. As a sign of our commitment to the work, we are coming up with many new designed products now and then.


So here, I would like to share a good news. Our designing term won the second prize of the global brand planning competition. On May 6-8, 2017, the Global Chinese Marketing Federation(GCMF),

The model for the contest.

fancy school bag manufacturer

fancy school bag manufacturer

A photo before the contest showing our designing term.

fancy school bag manufacturer

Photo during the contest.

fancy school bag manufacturer

One more photo during the contest.

fancy school bag manufacturer

A big poster with contestants logos, standing in front of the building where the contest took place.

fancy school bag manufacturer

It is very honored to win the prize and it inspires us a lot. The Ministry of Higher Education and Economic Education Steering Committee. Chinese Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Business Commerce. China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Business Branch. And China business Culture research jointly organized 2017 (Singapore) the global brand planning contest. The theme of the contest was ” Concerning about the growth of independent brands, telling good Chinese brand story).

First, nohoo brand cooperated with Guangzhou business school to start the plan about competition.

After a deep analysis and discussion,  we came up with the basic brand planning program.


Through continuous modification and improvement, we successfully passed the preliminary election. Meanwhile, there were 151 teams from more than 115institutions from nationwide. Finally, we made it at the second position and we are very proud of it.


Due to the excellent workshop of our colleagues, we come with this big success.  Anyhow, we have thousands of reasons to go on continuously. Because we have many lovely customers to serve.

So we will do better and better day by day.  lastly, i wish you all have a very happy and nice day. thanks for reading.

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