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How to choose a good children school bag? Which brand is better ?




How to choose a good children school bag? Which brand is better ?

Many parents may consider whether there are impacts on children's health when they buy a new school bag for their child. So what kind of children school bag is good for health? The natural gravity of the human body is in the center. If the head falls, it means the gravity moves forward. This is the performance of the hunchback. When the kids school bag is heavy, in order to balance the weight of back, their head will definitely lean forward. Over time, the child is used to walking with hunchback.


So how to choose a good children school backpack ? Let’s get study:

1. Lightweight material:

The students have to carry a large number of books and items back to school, in order to avoid the increase of student's load, we should try to choose lightweight material backpack, such as neoprene or PVC glue. In addition,you should avoid too many metal buckles or zippers in the bag, because those metal accessories not only increase the weight, but also cause hurt to the back.

2. The shoulder straps should be wide:

Wide straps can help to reduce the pressure on the shoulders and share the weight of the school bag; while the soft shoulder strap can reduce the strain on the trapezius,if the shoulder strap is too thin, the trapezius may be hurt easily.

3. Equipped with a belt:

The belt can make the bag more closer to kid’s back and share the weight over the waist and the bone. And the belt can fix the bag to the waist, to avoid the swinging and reducing the pressure on the spine and shoulders.

4. Grooved soft cushion on back: 

Since the school bag must be close to the back, the cushion is necessary on back of the rucksack, and the cushion should be grooved to help radiating heat, so that the children will not "sweat".

5. Pressure dispersion support on the back:

Mostly of Nohoo neoprene student school bag with cushion support and a pressure dispersion bracket. They can effectively disperse the weight of the bag.

6. The school bag should be with fixed strap:

The built-in strap or inter layer can make the books closer to children’s backside, prevent the bag from tilting outward and hurt the spine in case of declining gravity. In addition, the inner compartment of the school backpack has another similar function, it can fix small objects such as bottle, pencil cases and so on. In this way, the children's spine can always stay straight.