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Our picks for the best Kids backpacks are stylish, sturdy and safe for growing backs

Our picks for the best Kids backpacks are stylish, sturdy and safe for growing backs

You wouldn’t guess there’d be much to think about before setting out to choose among all the backpacks for toddlers — it’s not like your tot’s lugging around a stack of schoolbooks…yet. But as with other Kids backpacks, there are some guidelines to follow; these will help make sure your cutie carries her little load safely. So whether you’re getting her Kids backpacks or looking for a bag she can bring on vacation — or one for your tiny pack rat to bring Kids backpacks, to the mall, or to the playground — here are some tips to help you find a small toddler backpack that fits the bill.


Once your tot can walk with a toy in hand without taking too many tumbles — usually between ages one and two — she can start carrying a small toddler backpack.


Of course, you’ll probably want to buy a small toddler backpack with your child’s favorite cartoon character smiling on the front. But beyond this basic, the best backpacks for toddlers have the following features:

  • Two wide, padded shoulder straps. Backpacks with just one strap don’t distribute weight evenly across a child’s back, and cushioned straps are less likely to dig into your child’s skin.
  • A small, lightweight design. Backpacks for toddlers shouldn’t be too big because (1) toddlers aren’t that big, and (2) they can’t carry much weight. So what’s the right size? The top of the pack shouldn’t go above your tyke’s shoulders, and the bottom shouldn’t fall below her waist. And no need for a frame at this point, which will add to her load. Beyond that, let your common sense and her personal preference be your guide.
  • Backpack Buying Tips
    How do you pick the best backpack for your child when you’re facing a full aisle in the store? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping.
    Two straps: This will distribute the weight evenly and is safer for the carrier’s back, neck and shoulders.
    Reflective: If children will be walking home from school or out at night, their backpack should have pieces of reflective material on the bag.
    Fit: Have your child try on the bag before you purchase it. The bottom of the bag should meet the lower back, but should not be more than 4 inches below the waistline. The point at which the bag and straps meet should be 1 to 2 inches below the top of the shoulders.