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Iran customer shop

Hamid is a retailer and wholesale distributor of infant products with multiple physical stores in Iran.In April 2016, Hamid first time in Guangzhou Canton Fair and saw our neoprene 3D children backpack.Because of the unique backpack material, first-class style and high quality,Hamid, who has many years of experience in infant products, immediately found the business opportunity.On May 20th,2016, Hamid placed the first order with 1000pcs, the amount is about 10,000 US dollars.

In December 2016, Hamid selected 10 more models, 1,500pcs for the second order, and 1300pcs for the third order.

In just half a year, Nohoo’s high-quality cartoon children backpack helped Hamid not only to earn money, but also helped him drive sales of other goods in his stores.And now, Hamid is planning more cooperation with our factory, because he thinks this is a good product that makes him to get more profits.