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NOHOO factory introduction

Nohoo is a backpack manufacturer with top design team and high quality production processes.It has hundreds of independent design patents and several design awards.Our factory has nearly 20,000 square meters of modem standard workshop.We are focus on serving global children backpack vendors,schools,gift companies etc, we can design and customize various of backpacks for 1-16 years old kids, student school bags and kids anti-lost bags, family backpack, Mummy bags, etc.At the client’s request, we have some factory audits and product tests that are Disney social responsibility system certificate, ISO9001:2008 quality system,BSCI,REACH, CPSIA,SGS etc.

NOHOO Artisan production process

This video introduces the design and production process of Nohoo neoprene kids backpack. First of all, the designer draws the corresponding product artwork according to the customer's requirements and the reasonable age of using. After obtaining the customer's satisfaction, the same proportion of the paper leather will be used to make the shape of the backpack and modify until the customer is satisfied. Then our sample department will make a completely consistent sample according to the shape and design of the artwork,and take a photo or video for customer’s approval, or deliver the sample to the customer for acceptance if required.

Nohoo enterprise Introduction

This video was shot in 2014 by the Nohoo student backpack factory. It was stated that Mr. Zhou ChangPing, the chairman of Nohoo, used the design + production service model after the establishment. Our factory has 700 square meters design and development center, emphasizing user-participating experience and adopting strict production standards to serve the world's major supermarkets, shopping malls, specialty stores, clothing, toys, gift customers etc. Make our children backpacks with absolute competitive advantage and get higher benefits for our backpack dealers.

NOHOO Korean designers introduction

This video introduces the sales person of Nohoo backpack agent in South Korea and they highly appreciate the neoprene kids backpack products from Nohoo’s creative design. They believe that customers like to buy Nohoo children backpacks, student school bags and kids waist bags, chest bags because of the lovely,fashionable,and funny design. And the high quality kids bag in line with the consumer demand in Korea.

NOHOO Korean promotional

Nohoo took children backpack advertising trailers in South Korea. The cute design funny animal toddler backpack makes Korean little models and moms very fond of it, and we were happy to cooperate with dozens of backpacks for advertising. Whether it is a preschool backpack or a student backpack, Nohoo has carefully considered the safety, suitability and enjoyment of the backpack. And make the kids backpacks with lightweight and practical effects, whether it is used in school or outdoors, Nohoo backpack can give you a better experience.

NOHOO Malaysian designer introduction

This video tells that Malaysian agent's designers how to participate in the creative design of the Nohoo Kids backpack. The neoprene kids bags developed by Nohoo has attended various of exhibitions in Malaysia and won the favor of local consumers. Nohoo attaches great importance to the global customer participation in design, and believes that the products with sales force should meet the needs of customers in different countries and local characteristics. Nohoo design team can provide customers with local design elements in different style children backpacks, kids messenger bags, chest bags and other backpacks etc.We have created ideas and can make samples at the quickly time.

NOHOO Ukraine agent Julia was invited to the radio for interviews

Yuliia believes that she needs to make more consumers know well about the professional children's backpack manufacturer NOHOO that what kind of high-quality craftsmanship and unique design the factory has,how it attracts Ukrainian consumers who like Nohoo kids backpack much , and how does Nohoo Produce ultra-high quality backpacks with neoprene materials. From the standpoint of customers, we strive to create more value for our customers.

NOHOO Ukraine agent Julia was invited to the radio for interviews-2

In April 2017, the professional kids backpack Ukrainian agent Sikach Yuliia was interviewed by a local Ukrainian radio station to talk about the choice and opinion of choosing NOHOO backpack.Yuliia is a designer who began working with NOHOO in 2016. because of the excellent design and super quality product technology of the Nohoo children backpack, she was constantly attracted more in-depth cooperation with Nohoo.