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What’s NOHOO Little Kids Backpacks?

                                 What’s NOHOO Little Kids Backpacks?

Guangzhou NOHOO Bags Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and located in Guangzhou city in China. And we are the first factory to use neoprene as the material to produce kids backpacks in China and the world.
We are focusing on the high quality and environmental friendly neoprene children bags . We insist on not only fashion design ,but also excellent technology to provide professional little kids backpacks.

Meanwhile we have our own brand ” NOHOO “, and high quality products,  and fast delivery time, then perfect service. So we have gotten good reputation in china and world.

little kids backpacks

NOHOO little kids backpacks feature:

1.  Animal design,cute animal cartoon style is popular in child’s life.


2. Waterproof material

We are using the high quality neoprene material .Therefore the backpacks is environmental totally ,light weight and waterproof,

also flexibility and breathable.


Each backpack weight is 0.5 kg almost. This lightweight little kids backpacks is a special design for children,excellent design size very suited for the child’s body, also it can help to reduce the shoulder pressure.

4. Waterproof

Made by neoprene as diving material. So if the outside get wet, but everything inside stays dry.

5. Straight

This diving material have the super elasticity and ductility , structure design to follow the nice structure, then each style bag can be kept the full form.

7. Ergonomics

Bearing system  is using the high elastic material design , so the kids backpacks is breathable,  anti bacterial , reduce stress and so on.


A Special little kids backpacks for child

little kids backpacks




These little kids backpacks is very lightful. So that a young child will able to manage. Thus, they usually fit a change of clothes, a couple of diapers, travel wipes, snack, and a small toy. Makes you child carry his or her own kids backpack,it will give them an huge sense of independence, and lighten your load.

For your son, send him a little kids backpacks before he ask ,and it can tell him you will be together with his growth.

Give it to your daughter,a little kids backpacks for your daughter will make her happy everyday, and give her considerate care.

As a gift to your friends, the sincere friendship starts with a wonderful little kids backpacks.